I have a blog! (one more time)

It has rained much since the 26th of September, 2007. That day was the last I wrote on my old blog, with one exception in March, 2009.

I have been thinking around resume my blog since shortly after. Or to start, as in some attempts the closest I was, was in 2007. I used blogger, bitacoras.com, my own domain (blog.daijo.org) with Drupal and WordPress and finally for some reason or another: none.

8 years later is a good moment for it. I’m now over thirty and raise I should do what I want to do and have not done without justified reason more than my own me fighting against myself to put me on it or not.

Today, 19th of July of 2016, with 40ºC of pleasant freshness in Ciudad Real, I retake my blog. I have not set any publication rate, each entry will appear when I consider it is ready to be published and discussed.

Yesteryear, the blog had a title (or subtitle, depending of the time) “The cauldron of topics”. Like then, I will mix various topics: computer engineering, both views and personal opinions, team management, how computer engineering companies should be today as “I think”, etc. I am a classic mixing apples with oranges.

This time I’ll try that entries appears in both Spanish and English, as time allows me and for what I’ll use the WPML plugin. I have enhance my written English and the use of expressions in the right way as an objective, and I will be grateful to everyone who spot both expression or writing errors.

I was tempted to reinsert the old blog entries I had on blog.daijo.org, however, they are indexed thanks to the wayback machine from archive.org. The links are as follows:

– Between December, 2005 and May, 2006 (using Drupal).

– Between December, 2006 and October, 2007 (using WordPress)

I should not forget that to comply with Spanish legislation, I adapted the “Legal Notice and Privacy Policy” template that “Ciudadano 2.0” web offers in its free downloads zone for its readers. Thanks to its author, Raquel Rubín, for sharing.


Esta entrada también está disponible en: Español (Spanish)